This endpoint allows you to add a new profile to the workspace.

Once a profile is successfully added, you can link users to it, restricting their access to certain areas of the system.

The list of permissions available for linking in the profile is as follows:

Profile permissionsProfile response
EmptyPermission No permission
ViewEditAndCancelOperationsByUser Permission to view edit and cancel operation
ViewAllOperationsOfMyGroup Permission to view all group operations
EditAndCancelOperations Permission to edit and cancel operations
CreateOperationModel Permission to create an operation
CreateOperationWithoutModel Permission to create operation without model
ManageUser Permission to manage user
ManageAccessProfile Permission to manage permissions profiles
ManageGroup Permission to manage groups
ViewIntegrationConsumption Permission to view integration consumption
ManageIntegration Permission to manage the integration
ViewConsumption Permission to view integration
EditCompanyRegistration Permission to edit registration company data
EditConsumption Permission to edit consumption data
EditBillingData Permission to edit billing data
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